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Energy Solutions of America (ESA) is a family owned and operated business in Ankeny, Iowa servicing 14 states nationwide, with more growth on the horizon. ESA was founded by Dennis Wieben, a forward thinking man of integrity. Wieben's past success in construction and home building led him on a noble quest to help homeowners save energy and money. That's why ESA is proud to offer American's the Energy Shieldz®

The Energy Shieldz product, in simple terms, is a reflector. Traditional Insulation only slows down the flow of heat from the attic to the living spaces. To stop radiant heat from the attic, you must reflect it.

Covering your attic insulation with the Energy Shieldz holds the heat in the home. An example of this is a space blanket, although very thin and lightweight it holds the body heat in. A thin space blanket can keep you warmer than several heavy blankets.


Energy Solutions of America is also in the process of becoming certified to provide thermographic inspections. These inspections will help to locate areas of your home that are not properly insulated or need more insulation. It can also be used to locate trouble spots in the home.

Energy Solutions of America

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