About Energy Solutions of America

Energy Solutions of America, LLC., is a nationwide energy efficiency company based in Des Moines, Iowa.  Our Cool Attic Technology, 'CAT' System, includes our Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation & Solar Attic Fans. Over the past eight years, with customers in 32 States, Energy Solutions of America has become a leader in the home energy efficiency industry.

As we continue to grow across the country we take our success and responsibility to each of our team members and our customers very seriously. We are committed to working hard everyday with a sense of gratitude and service.  You can be assured, with all of our support, our team members motivation, and sincere enthusiasm, the future of Energy Solutions of America will continue to be the standard of excellence in the residential energy efficiency industry for many years to come.

We specialize in energy efficient home insulation that applies a NASA developed technology:

As an ENERGY STAR Partner, we are dedicated to saving energy in homes and businesses through energy efficient products and practices. Our multi-layered reflective insulation has an R-12 "R Value", qualifying for tax credits, rebates and savings from the federal government. 


In everything we do we believe in the tenets of gratitude, commonwealth, and prosperity through preservation and perseverance. We are a team of very motivated people who believe in this vision and we continue to grow with those who are inspired by the "Green" movement. We believe in the importance of reducing fossil fuel energy consumption, protecting mother nature, and educating our communities on how we can be a part of the solution by providing our quality products and services to accomplish each of these goals. 

To learn more about our products, we invite you to contact one of our representatives. To learn more about our career opportunities call or, email us today!