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We live in an age when everyone is trying to be "green" and people are looking to conserve energy and money any way that they can. As a Energy Solutions of America Dealer or Representative, you will educate customers about our money saving products. We offer a home-based, low-overhead Dealer opportunity, helping businesses and homeowners save big money on their energy costs.

Energy Shieldz Multi-layered Reflective Insulation

The technology behind Energy Shieldz was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space ranging from +400 degrees Fahrenheit, to - 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Energy Shieldz consists of a fiberglass center core with patented reflective foil on both sides. It has passed both the ASTM E84 Test and the UL1715 Test for Fire Safety and is an ENERGYSTAR Approved product. The technological term for this new material is "Reflective Insulation" and is installed over the existing insulation like a blanket. We also staple Energy Shieldz under the roofing rafters, in crawl spaces, wrap water heaters as well as heating & cooling duct work.

Why It Works

The fiberglass center core with two patented layers of reflective foil are 99.9% aluminum with tiny perforations to prevent moisture retention, mold, mildew, or other bacterial growth. The insulated core is made of mineral fiber from sand and silicone that allows moisture to escape even when the material is overlapped. This inner core sets us apart from the competition and classifies us a Reflective Insulation Product, separating us from the Radiant Barrier category. Additionally, two proprietary layers were added to give more support and durability between each of the aluminum layers and fiberglass inner core.

Quick Facts - Industry Profile:

  • 132 million households in the United States.
  • 632,000 new homes built in 2015.
  • DOE states that homes not specifically designed for efficiency, DO NOT have the recommended amount of insulation.
  • The Federal government offers tax credits to consumers for the installation of ENERGYSTAR products, encouraging home owners to update and save.
  • Our Customers love our products! 

Energy Solutions of America - Benefits Include:

  • Flexible work schedule! You're in business for yourself but not by yourself!
  • No construction/insulation experience necessary!
  • Customized website profile
  • Industry-best marketing services
  • Complete back office support!
  • Comprehensive training program!
  • Sell to any homeowner in the United States!
  • Trusted AARP states #1 home improvement project - insulate your attic