Our Products Save Energy & Money

The key to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home is to reduce heat loss in the winter, and reduce heat gain in the summer. Traditional Insulation only slows down the flow of heat from the attic to the living spaces, and what most people don't know is that radiant heat is not affected by traditional insulation at all. To stop radiant heat from the attic, you must reflect it.

Energy Shieldz from Energy Solutions of America

Three Products, Guaranteed Results.

The Energy Shieldz Multi-layered Reflective Insulation, in simple terms, is a reflector. In the summer, it prevents heat from storing in your home and in the winter, it acts like a thermal blanket. Wrapping your home in efficiency, preventing heat from escaping through the attic.

The CAT Energy System by Energy Solutions of America combination of Energy Sheildz and our Solar Attic Fanz enhance the energy efficiency of your home, maximizing your savings with lower energy bills. The federal government also offers tax credits and rebates for energy efficient products, and we guarantee savings on your energy bill! The maximum savings from conventional insulation added to a home is around 10%, and installing our CAT Energy Systems guarantees 25-50% within 4 years from time of installation. You win, and the environment wins.

What's in Your Attic?

Heating and cooling your home can seem like a viscous and expensive cycle, but Energy Shieldz products from Energy Solutions of America can help. We have representatives across the county who educate and help homeowners and business owners just like you. Please contact us to request a quote and a complimentary in-home energy comparison.