Energy Shieldz Multi-layered Reflective Insulation

The Energy Shieldz Multi-layered Reflective Insulation from Energy Solutions of America works in conjunction with existing mass insulation to keep heat from entering or escaping the home. Traditional mass insulation materials have been used in the past to prevent heat from escaping and entering homes, but instead of blocking the heat transfer, traditional insulation (like a sponge) absorbs heat until the point of oversaturation. At this point, the heat is released in the opposite direction of its original source.

Due to the ever increasing cost of energy, traditional insulation alone will no longer suffice. Join the thousands of happy homeowners who have had Energy Shieldz installed, you too will see substantial savings on your utility bills within the first month!

The technology behind Energy Shieldz was originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space ranging from 400ºF to -300ºF. Energy Shieldz consists of a fiberglass center core with patented reflective foil on both sides. It has passed both the ASTM E84 test and the UL 1715 Corner Room test for fire safety. It can do the same for your home all year round.

In the Summer...

Energy Shieldz reflects the sun's radiant heat before it heats up the insulation in the attic. This means that:

  • Your current insulation stays cool
  • Your home stays cooler
  • Your air conditioner runs less often
  • Energy is saved!

In the Winter...

Energy Shieldz reflects the warm air back into the living space of your home. This means that:

  • Warm air doesn't escape to your attic
  • Your home stays warmer
  • Your furnace works less often
  • Energy is saved!

Protective layers reflect heat and send it back to its original source, so your home stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Aluminum Layers

The top and bottom layers of the Energy Shieldz reflective insulation is made up of 99.9% Pure Aluminum. Both of these layers have tiny perforations to prevent moisture retention and prevent mold and bacteria growth. The concept of using an aluminum shell was originally derived by NASA to ensure that a comfortable temperature was maintained inside the command module, and the astronaut's space suits. This product protected the space shuttle and the astronauts from the extreme temperatures expected in outer space.

¼" Fiberglass Core

This insulated core is made of a mineral fiber from sand or silicone that allows moisture to escape even when the material is overlapped. This inner core of mineral fiber sets Energy Shieldz Multi-layered Reflective Insulation apart from the competition. This inner core is what classifies us as a reflective insulation product and separates us from the radiant barrier completion.

Backing Layers

Two backing layers have been added to give more support and durability to each of the aluminum layers and the inner core.

Fire Test Results

Our reflective insulation product has passed UL1715UBC2 6-3 Room Corner Wall Fire test. It also meets all requirements of the 2000 International Building Code and exceeded requirements of the Class 1 and E84.

What the Experts Say...

"Reflective insulation is most effective at reducing cooling bills in hot sunny climates. However the product will help reduce heating bills as well."

-Energy Star


"Reflective insulation cuts air conditioning costs by blocking a sizable portion of the downward heat gain into the building. You stay comfortable without air conditioning in mild weather..will expand the use of space in your home in garages, porches and workrooms.attics are more usable for storage. A cooler attic transfers less heat into air conditioning ducts, so the cooling system operates more efficiently."

-Florida Solar Energy Center


"Reflective insulation can greatly improve your comfort level, especially in second floor bedrooms."

-James T. Dulley, Author "Cut Your Utility Bills":