Brooke G- Ankeny, IA

"I am truly amazed at the results from their products. After installing their blanket and painting our home with their paint our utility bills went down 23% from the year before on a 3600 square foot home. Truly Amazing! Would highly recommend Energy Solutions of America to everyone. Great products sold and installed by great people."

Elena, San Jose, CA

"I'm writing to tell you the comfort level in our home increased to a level far beyond my expectations after we installed your CAT system. Our upstairs, which is where our master bedroom and home office are used to bake from early evening until late night because of the oven of stagnate heat in the attic above these rooms.  We installed the CAT and our rooms became livable again, it was so nice that our bedroom was no longer a hot spot and we could enjoy reading a book in bed at night before going to bed.  Next, the AC and Furnace.   Our AC hardly ever runs, only on the hottest summer days in the 90s and the run times are much shorter.  I've noticed on the indoor weather station my attic temp on these hot days is linear to the outside temperature and not 148 like it was the day you installed it.  Same with heating the house in the winter, the house heats up much quicker and I'm running my furnace far less.  Last but certainly not least, a recurring issue with mold spores appearing on the ceiling in our master bathroom near the shower no longer exist which is proof that ventilating and circulating the attic air in the winter helps prevent condensation mold.  It feels really good to buy something and notice the value so quickly.  In addition to this we are saving a lot of money from running our utilities less. I think your people really put the icing on the cake though, your sales rep was thorough and educational and your installer Leo did an outstanding job, he was very professional, courteous and clean.  He finished his job in a timely manner.  Thank you very much and thank everyone at Energy Solutions of America please.  I'll keep the referrals coming Cheers! -Elena"

Doug Ware-Ankeny, IA

"Had attic blanket installed. Huge difference! Furnace runs a lot less! Unbelievable how much heat was lost into attic. Gas and electric consumption much less! I highly recommend everyone take a look at this. Great bunch of folks!"

Mike Larkin- Windsor Heights, IA

"Great folks to work with. My budget billing went from $189.00 per month to $128.00 per month. I am very happy! "

Joe Ferrin- Benchwarmers Restaurant

"For over the last 15 years the temperature in the summer months at our restaurant has been uncomfortable for our customers as we could not keep our restaurant temperature consistently cool. This past summer we had Energy Solutions of America, Inc. install the energy blanket and almost overnight you could feel the temperature difference. Our savings has been more than expected and wuld recommend this blanket in your business or home. Thanks again ESA."